Don’t kramp my style


Is there ever a wrong time to drink a good craft beer? I fondly recall an era of ignorance while growing up where some loud guy at a party I was dragged to by one of my parents would pronounce what the “correct” wine was to pair with a specific dinner. Like all generations to follow, we’ve mostly disregarded if not laughed in the face of conventional wisdoms imparted to us by these older folks.

It was in that spirit while hunting in the root cellar of our Cariboo farmhouse (where I secret away a few choice bottles) that I chanced upon a bottle of Strangefellow’s Krampus. It was a July evening when I looked down at this promise of malty bliss, imagining the scorn of the small minded who might only drink this in the Wintertime, and carried it upstairs to share with a fellow weekend ranch-hand. I took a photo just as light was falling and we decanted it into a couple of 25¢ beer glasses that I’d purchased at the local thrift shop (always shop local). We both leaned back into our camping chairs and inhaled deeply. There was the promise of sweetness without the threat of burning alcohol – not bad considering its 8.5% abv. Sipping slowly at first and then not so slowly second, third and even fourth time, we both were enjoying this Belgian bomb of a beer. It was the antithesis to the usual IPA roulette we play when sharing beer and it was an excellent surprise. When the temperature has actually fallen 15 degrees, it might just be the perfect moment to crack a Christmasy craft brew, even if that means its still 15 degrees out.

And maybe more importantly since there are no verified cases of anyone ever taking down 750ml of this exceptional brew anywhere in the Cariboo at any time of year, I’m not just the first to ever have it here, but also the first to have it in the Summer. Double win, blog premise justified.

So the next time someone tells you what beer to have when or with what or even with whom, tell them to stuff it and drink what you wish when you wish.

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