Melts in my mouth, not in the can


Like many who drink the field of BC craft beer, I often pay attention to new openings and hope that I’ll find a way to try them. It so happened that I have a friend in the township of Coquitlam, and she so happened to be planing on joining us at the ranch…so that’s how I got to be the first person ever in all of the Cariboo region to quaff this brew.

But less about me and more about me drinking this beer. I’ve mentioned in my post about Red Arrow Brewing’s Kölsch and my enjoyment of the style. It extends to other hybrid-beer styles too – this time the cream ale. And of course I actually reference a cream ale that was my gateway beer in my post about how I got more interested in craft beer.

But back to this beer, the cream ale, from Mariner Brewing, that is exceptional. It’s got a hoppy surprise in it’s smooth body and it finishes lovely. Ranch-lovely. It’s the sort of beer that you need to stop what you are doing and enjoy. Which I was happy to do.


It’s the sort of beer that lets you toast yourself. And again. And it’s ok if no one is there. Or if you are ignoring whomever is there. It’s that good.

I’ve seen that they are about to can an amber ale, and I am feeling optimistic. Teasing us with the “coming soon” status, we do know that growler fills begin Nov 8. So perhaps a call to West Coast Canning is in order to see if they can jump the queue. Because I’m off to the Cariboo shortly after that and getting a little worried about supply.

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