Fresh-Hopped Saison Season


It seems a perfect time to drink fresh-hopped beer when the wild hops are dying on the vine. Like many things in BC’s Cariboo region, the cycle of life is illustrated in Technicolor. Hence why I brought this special seasonal offering from Category 12 Brewing to our inland paradise, because I could witness that miracle of nature through beer.

Not long ago I shared a photo of our infamous (to me) outhouse hops vines in the blog post about 4 Mile Brewing‘s Session IPA (Mosaic Session IPA – four miles of flavour), and let you in on my plan for the future home of Outhouse Brewing Co. But more about that later.

Come October, the vines are starting to sag and the ambitious brewer should have long-since picked and used the cones. But being slightly unambitious and preferring the fruits of others labour, I brought my C-12 fresh-hopped beer instead.


While C-12 knows that they used Cashmere hops from Chiliwack Hops Farms, our outhouse hops varietal is more of a mystery. And mysteries being good in only some situations, likely not when brewing to find out if your beer is any good, my choice to bring someone else’s beer was vindicated.

And so to the beer – saison is one of those styles I don’t lean towards because I don’t always respond well to a yeast-forward, peppery beer. But what made me take the leap of faith in this beer was the fact that C-12 was clearly celebrating the hops in this brew and I wondered if a familiar bitterness might sneak in and balance the flavours in my favour. Interestingly the familiarity that crept into my mouth was more like the mild citrusy notes I find in some of the NE IPAs, just not with that intensity. To which I say – well done. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this unique offering next year.

And being such a limited, seasonal release, let’s not forget that I am more than likely the very first person to take this down in all of the Cariboo. #Pioneering



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