Road Popinjay in the Cariboo


While I seem to take many bombers to the ranch, I am a huge fan of the tallboy and have been actively buying up great BC craft cans ever since West Coast Canning began with Moon Under Water‘s Lighter Side of the Moon.

Thankfully Strange Fellows Brewing came out of the gate with a core lineup in tallboys (Tallisman being my fav). And then came Popinjay – a home run in a can.

Our November ranch trip allowed us to use nature’s fridge to cool our beverages, so Popinjay got left outside to chill a little.


What’s great about a peacock on the can is it lends itself well to bird-themed environments around the ranch – old roosts and bird houses…


Even the metal owl sentinels that guard the raised garden.


Now after all that fun of letting the beer get cold, I should probably mention how spectacular it is. Popinjay is the first non-fruited sour that I can really understand. I’m still wrapping my head and mouth around sour beer and mostly enjoy them in hot weather. However, adding the promise of “West Coast” was a bold move by SF and caught my eye. And then my tongue. And they have created something really special. It gets a gentle hop nose and a little of that juicy citrus but balances amazingly with that subtle tartness that makes me think this is how a sour should be. I really like this beer.

And as I usually end my posts being absolutely certain that I’m the very first person in all of the Cariboo to discover this brewed gold, I must begrudgingly admit that one of my companions callously and wholly unwittingly downed one of these before me. But leaning on the truism that if it’s not online it didn’t happen, I’m going to steal her thunder and stake this claim myself. Also, she shotgunned it so that can’t count.

So when you are heading out to the back country yourself, do yourself a favour and pack along some of these road Popinjays.


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