An ale as old as the hills – Burton Ale from VIB & Gladstone


On a cold November day in the Cariboo, keeping warm is an exciting activity to pursue. While this often takes the form of stoking a wood fire (or cosying up to the fire pit outside), beverages often begin to reflect this too. When I found this collab offering from Vancouver Island Brewing and Gladstone Brewing, the description of a 1920’s style (Although the origin seems to date back to the 1600s). Whatever the case, a 7.5% rich malty beer felt a safe bet to bring to the ranch.


While the snapshot above doesn’t do it justice, it poured with little carbonation and head. Nicely viscous (I absolutely hate heavy beers that pour like water), it was a dark amber that smelled rich and almost syrupy. I’m no expert on my malts since I drink malty beers during a fairly short window of the year, but VIB lists Maris Otter, Superior Pilsner, Crystal, and Black malt in the recipe. And this combo delivers some liquor luxury.

Side note – while everyone loves a cold beverage (even if in a solid state like below), I recommend tempering this just a little to allow some of those flavours out. I left the bottle on the counter and drank from a tumbler and found that worked well.


This is a limited release collaboration beer from 2 breweries on Vancouver Island and I felt fortunate to locate a bottle in North Vancouver. I think it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that I am the first person in history to enjoy this historic (specific) beer in all of the Cariboo. Just being a pioneer in my own way.

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