White cans in the snow – Twin Sails Vapo(u)r Wave


My local North Vancouver cold beer & wine usually stocks 2 types of Twin Sails Brewing beer – Dat Juice which I always enjoy and the multigrain IPA which I don’t. Before heading out on our latest trip to the Cariboo I stopped in just to see if things might have changed. And I found Vapor Wave. I’d heard good things about this one, although I wasn’t sure what to expect with a tart and salted IPA. But man was it good! It came out with that citrussy, crisp hoppiness that I can always get behind. While I doubt I’ll be able to find it again, this is now my current favourite Twin Sails beer.

And speaking of favourites, or words that use the “ou” in our fine country. Has anyone wondered why it isn’t “Vapour Wave”? I’ve heard of “Vapor Ware”, apps or software in development that get people excited but never comes into existence. Could it be a play on words trying to frighten beer geeks into uncertainty as to whether the mythical tart and salted IPA might never appear?

Whatever the case, I’m delighted that TS made this beer and that is appeared on the shelves of a small private shop in North Vanouver for me to take to the Cariboo, chill in the snowbankm and crush. All the while enjoying the immense satisfaction of believing I’m the first person in all of B.C.’s rugged Cariboo region to enjoy this almost mythical beer. How do I like them apples? Crisp.




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