Craft Beer in 100 Mile House



It’s never a good sign when I can’t even claim to be the first to drink a specific beer in the Cariboo, but when it’s brewed in the Cariboo I’m SOL.

I recently made the trek to 100 Mile House for supplies and a brief stop in at Jackson’s Social Club and Brew House. I’ve linked to their Facebook page because they are rather new and haven’t built the website quite yet. This is totally understandable because it had been called Broke N’ Road Brewing when the first owners made a go of it, but their operation folded quite quickly. Fortunately the crew behind Jackson’s picked up the torch to help the people of 100 Mile continue to be able to drink locally produced beer.


My shopping companion and I brought an empty growler from the coast to fill and ordered a flight of the whole line up. As a guy who’s unlikely to love every tap, I was pleasantly surprised by their Wrangler IPA and Brunette Ale. The Blonde was surprisingly under-carbonated, so we decided to take a few cans home hoping that it was from a different batch. Sadly they were rather flat too so I coudn’t really evaluate it, but I’ll give it another try next time. I always forgive production issues with small batch producers, and will always offer a second chance.

I also brought away the IPA in cans and that was the best in the line by a mile.


We chose to fill the growler with the Brunette which went down rather easily too during a ranch poker game.


So if you find yourself passing through 100 Mile House, I’d suggest you consider a stopover (unless it’s a Monday) and try a flight.



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