Sharing Random Thoughts (it’s a beer)


Whenever I’m heading up to the ranch, I wonder if I’ll have the chance to locate something interesting from one of our BC craft beer producers. It might be surprising to some, but it can be very difficult to get some of these limited release beers if you are more than 10-15km from the brewery. It’s not like you can arrange a drone to drop a 4-pack to you, Amazon-style (which would be awesome). For breweries in the Tri-Cities, I often have to find a friend who is traveling in the area if I want something picked up.

This particular bottle I picked up in the Twin Sails Brewing brewery while visiting another business in the area.


What makes this bottle interesting are a few things; the saison is aged in Okanagan red wine barrel (keep in mind how extra awesome this is in light of Premiere Notley’s BC wine ban). It’s then also conditioned on blackberries and sour cherries, then smoothed out with a blending with younger saison (likely not barrel aged).


I used Nature’s fridge to chill the beer to a temperature of my liking while setting up an outdoor bonfire. Beer temperature is a very personal decision, and with bigger bottles I enjoy starting it cold and slowly letting the wood-fired heat (in the house) bring it gently into the perfect zone.


Now, onto the beer.

Regardless of the sweet & sour fruit notes, you have to enjoy some farmhouse-ale funk to enjoy this beer. My lovely wife took a sip with great curiosity, then recoiled in what seemed a rather dramatic fashion to me. Like how I feel when I try white wine.

It’s a collection of contrasts in a glass. The fruit seems to do the double negative on the tongue. The cherries seem to carry a juicy sour note, with the sweet I assume coming from the blackberries. But there is a lot more going on of course – some sort of almost savoury taste (maybe from the wine barrel aging?). I was looking for some sort of oaky-note, but the funk is pretty distinct and probably hides it (maybe the ratio of young to aged saison is high?).  It’s definitely a sit and think kind of beer with this much flavour going on. And I recommend any funky beer lover do just that.


The beer pours with a beauty of a head of couple inches with a gentle pink hue that sets off the light ruby beer colour. It’s packaged in a satisfying 750ml format that is clearly designed for sharing (Maybe that’s why it’s called Random Thoughts, as those are good for sharing too?).

But probably the most important thing of all, is that while I was alarmed to see the guys at The Fermentation Project had tried this, it appears that they are up in the Okanagan, not the Cariboo. Meaning, like most beer on this blog, that I get to lay claim to being the very first person in the history of everything to drink this spectacular beverage in this spectacular setting. That’s my claim and I’m sticking to it.

And on a weird side note, when wondering who these fermentation project guys were, I saw they actually attempted drone-delivery beer. Go figure!

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