My favourite style of beer – Pale Ale


Of all the limited releases out there, I will try even harder to secure a 4-pack when I see it’s a new pale ale. And since I was already visting the Twin Sails Brewing taproom to pick up their Random Thoughts saison that I wrote about last post, this was a pretty easy decision to buy the #Blessed West Coast Pale Ale.

First, not that I feel I need to defend my decision on why pale ale is my favourite style of craft beer, but I will. Pale ale was my first real gateway beer away from lager. Lager was all that anyone had whenever canned beer was at parties. It was all pretty generally…ok-ish, unless it was called “dry” and then it was extra-not ok.

I think I called Shaftebury Cream Ale at UBC my first real gateway craft beer in an earlier blog post, which is probably mostly true, but the first flashes of potential for decent beer came from OK Springs Pale Ale. By today’s elitist craft beer standards (which I’m deeply guilty of promoting), I’m sure it’s crap, but back then anything that offered a touch more flavour and character than fizzy piss water was a big deal.

Now back to this #Blessed West Coast Pale Ale in my favourite format – the tallboy. It’s a hell of a good beer. Really, really good. Classic hoppiness with a fruity nose. Really easy to drink and enjoy, great to share and ok not to. This particular can came up to the Cariboo with me, as one would never find it for sale at the local shops in the area. Meaning that my cans must have been the only ones in the whole region, which therefore meant that I was the only one drinking this #Blessed beer, and letting me staking my claim in a most pioneering fashion to being the first and only one in the whole Cariboo to ever have this one.

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