West Coast vs East Coast IPA-off


One of the great things about driving 4-5 hours to meet up off the grid with a group is that there is always someone to share a beer with. And when you have more than one person enjoying a big beer like an IPA, you can do silly things like an IPA taste off.

My friend had shown me that through her mom’s group facebook page should could literally source anything, and proved it when a package arrived on her doorstep from the “beer fairy” and it contained cans of Rogues Roost from the PEI Brewing Company. Like many things in this world, I may not know how it all works but I can sit back and enjoy it. Rather than just drink it and relax per usual, we looked through our inventory and noticed a quintessential West Coast IPA (maybe the IPA that really got the IPA ball rolling on the West Coast), Fat Tug from Driftwood Brewing Company.


The beauty of 2 people sharing 1.1 litres of 6-7% beer is that there is more opportunity to achieve the objective of tasting the beer before succumbing to the effects.

This was a long shot from a controlled rating system, and much more a chance to see which of the random 2 IPAs agreed with us more.

Unsurprisingly we differed in preference. I was more into the Rogues Roost, which of course I may never get my hands on again, and she preferred the Fat Tug which is so widely available it’s almost crazy.


However, in the Cariboo neither are easy to get one’s hands on. And without a doubt, I was definitely the very first person to ever drink a Rogues Roost IPA in the entire region (I hurriedly took a sip from my glass first to ensure I could stake that claim).

Context man…it makes beer taste even better.

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