S’more about the beer – Red Racer Smore Stout


Almost ever beer on this blog is especially special because I’m confident no one in the entire Cariboo has had one before me. That’s the claim I stake and it makes beer taste better. But sometimes I do get asked to stop at the local BC Liquor Store in the 1 horse town for some sort of Bailey’s or other spirit. And I do check the beer selection when I’m there and usually ignore the Sapporo and Bud. But this time Red Racer from Central City Brewers & Distillers showed up and not out of season no less. A Smores Stout seems like a great idea. Even if I can probably rest assured I won’t be the first person in the Cariboo to drink this one since it’s FOR SALE IN THE CARIBOO. But that wasn’t going to stop me from trying it.


With a natural freezer and a friend readily willing to help dig holes in the snow for the bottles, we set out to chill a couple of bombers and prep them for an evening warmer session. I’ve never had any sort of stout from Red Racer so I had no frame of reference, but I do know what I like in a stout (and what I don’t). For me the viscosity of a stout is very important. I know that taste is huge, but a delicious and thin stout would never do. Also carbonation – it can’t be too great but that’s probably my 3rd greatest concern.

What we decanted once brought inside and allowed to temper just a little was a pleasant surprise. I did find the carbonation to be more than anticipated, but I’m going to chalk that up to over-chilling in nature’s freezer. The head poured a bit thicker than I’d like, which I’ll also attribute to the temperature. But the texture was right, and that goes a long, long ways. I definitely got the chocolate notes that weren’t subtle, and there was probably a vanilla/graham-y flavour coming through somewhere.

As we head towards warmer seasons, I’ll be glad to have not left bottles like these in the root cellar (where things like Pot Hole Filler may have been sitting for 2 years now). Next posts will likely be pale ale focused, with the possibility of IPAs, ISAs, the odd altbier, kölsch, fruited sour, and maybe something special like Longwood‘s lager/quince cider combo called a “graff”.

Until next time!

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