Cutting the (lemon)grass, hold my beer

Foamer’s Folley Cuke-Lemongrass Kölsch

I knew that we were going to have the first hot days in the Cariboo for 2018 on this trip so I tried to plan my beverages accordingly. I’ve always been a big fan of a good kölsch, so I was interested when I spotted this slightly odd offering from Foamer’s Folley. In my head the 2 flavours of cucumber and lemon grass were going to meld into something green and fresh. So a bomber came along for the 6 hour drive and was set out as my reward for a good ride-on lawnmowing session.


The smell was rather grassy, but seeing as I was literally covered in grass cuttings form head to toe, I wasn’t totally sure that was the beer.


Once decanted (I’m not brash enough to chug from a bomber…of course I decanted), it had a slightly electric yellow hue and some serious carbonation. Feeling the giddy excitement of a beer that could change my whole day, I tossed back several sips to see what I’d unearthed. Interestingly it starts very classic kölsch-like, and then the flavour additions come late to the party for me. I got some real cucumber skin notes first. Then somewhere deep in the finish it changes. And I think that’s the lemongrass.


Finding a suitable seat from where I could contemplate further I brushed a bit more grass from my hair and sat to carry on with this interesting brew. I had probably just sheared the tops off 2 acres of grasses and dandelions by this point and was hot and parched. This beer offers the thirst quenching power of cucumber water, and when icy cold goes down quickly.


While I can’t tell if I’d enjoy this back home, sitting in a freshly mown grassy setting, beating the heat, and feeling certain that not a soul in the entire Cariboo area has made such a discovery as this particular beer, it tasted damn good. Like I had found the biggest nugget of the gold rush – a real smugness. That’s the power of drinking something rare in context. I did it first, it tasted sweetest.

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