Piña Colada Hazy ISA – Yale Yeah!

If I had a job where I was paid to write headlines, I’d likely have a short career. Thankfully I blog about my Cariboo beer conquests for my own satisfaction. And the fan mail.


But lets get to this tasty little number I found in my fav tallboy format, Piña Colada Hazy ISA from Old Yale Brewing Company. It’s as real a mouthful to say, as it is to drink. The tropical notes are actually a little muted, but like I find with many ISAs that it can be part of their charm. I expect an ISA to be a slightly watered-down experience and so I temper my expectations or select the style when I want something quite mild.


When I spotted the can I grabbed it instinctively without paying it too much notice. It seemed like a good one to mix with the other singles in the bar fridge. It had a weird and slightly threatening name (piña colada beer? hazy ISA?), a unique colour scheme, and came from a more remote almost Metro-area brewery but not really. These are all good things when browsing my beer stash at the ranch.

Colour-wise it has a fairly deep golden hue. It wasn’t as hazy as I’d assumed, but I’ve never seen a hazy ISA either and should probably apply that tasting rule of thumb to colour and clarity as well.


So taste-wise it’s a mild ISA and if you squint you can detect the tropical notes. At 4.5% it leaves little to complain about because it’s very much what I’d consider a “session” beer. Like almost everything I drink, I don’t have the same beer twice in a row. But if I did, 2 of these enjoyed around the old Cariboo gravel-crusher firepit wouldn’t leave me feeling wobbly as I went to see a man about a horse.

In the end this was a totally enjoyable brand new beer to try out, and probably a little sweeter because I was without a doubt the first person in the entire Cariboo to quaff it down. Others may come after me, but only because I blazed the trail. First ain’t always the worst.


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