Slaying the Thirsty Dragon


I literally judge every brewery by their pale ale, so mess this up (regardless of the style of pale ale) and I’m totally going to forget about you. Although if your brewery happened to feature in my BC craft beer mini-doc Brew Love (a Telus Storyhive grant project), then I’m not likely to every forget you (I’m talking to you Phil). Side note: I even blogged about it.

Enter the Dragon…the Thirsty Dragon Pale Ale from Black Kettle Brewing. As a biased, professed pale ale snob, I do think every brewery should have at least 1 American-style pale ale, which is what’s on offer here.


I like my pale ale pretty chilled, allowing it to slowly temper depending on the speed of consumption. And in the B.C.’s rugged Cariboo region tempering can happen rather quickly in the Summer months. Being August when I took on the Thirsty Dragon, I knew there would be many variables at play affecting my experience of it. Taken in the shade of the creek fed by the Marble Mountains, tempering could happen a little more slowly.


But then I’d miss seeing those rich amber hues that can only be realized in full daylight, and a walkabout is usually in order around the ranch. This time we brought a city cat for his first ranch visit and that usually required a patient search, beer in hand, to bring him in for the night.


But perhaps more importantly, the notion that connects this pint to the blog and the reason the Thirsty Dragon came on the 450 km road trip was the extreme satisfaction of having the only bottle anywhere in the whole of the Cariboo. This brings with it the weight of realization that my pioneering enjoyment of it would be that much more important. That as the first person in all of Gold Rush Country to savour this nugget of hoppy joy, I had to squeeze every ounce of appreciation out of every sip. Which I did. Until the bomber ran dry. And the cat was found.

It’s not easy doing what I do, but someone has to. And I’d rather it be me. Cheers.

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