Team #Fug for the win


I’ve always thought cause-beers are a good way to generate some donations while giving the people what they want. Usually I see pretty approachable beers in this category – a kellerbier, maybe a pale ale or lager. But Team #Fug, demonstrating that #FugLife isn’t about doing the easy, put out a White Sangria Kölsch. Which isn’t exactly the gateway beer for a Bud drinker. But I can get behind that.

I had zero idea what I was in for with this one. I like a good kölsch, and being that it was August when I had it, it seemed like the right time and temperature for one.


It pours very cloudy and carried a…grapey-nose? It uses gewürztraminer must (all the juice, baby), and has that white-winey dryness. The peachy-element was lost on me, maybe since it was released in May and I was drinking it in August?


But all of that is hardly the point. The point is that I enjoyed it. On a hot August afternoon in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. And It supported a worthy charitable initiative. And there was nary a soul in the surrounding 500km radius drinking what I was drinking. And so the taste was that much sweeter.

So hats of to me for another pioneering beer consumption moment, and hats off to Fuggles & Warlock for supporting the Ride to Conquer Cancer in B.C. We all win with this one.

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