Oat IPA you say?


I’m getting a little fussy with my beer in my 40s, so when I’m considering taking a beer that I can only buy in 4-packs to the Cariboo, you can bet your ass I’m going to test it in the city first. And I can assure you that it never tastes the same as at the destination. but that is not the point of holding back 1/4 of the purchase. The point is quality control. The beer better the damn good or it’s not coming with me.

Thankfully Steel & Oak have done a fantastic job with this not-overly-hopped, 6% oat IPA called Cydonia. They called it an East Coast IPA and it has many of the hallmarks – cloudy, smooth, more subtle hops and a clean finish.


But all of that is how it tastes in the city. It was delicious. It was perfect for that end-of-the-day beer.

But in the Cariboo, where I was probably the very first person to ever have this drinkable wonder, it tasted even better. Somehow the citrus notes exploded a little more. Of course it would be due to the higher elevation and dryer atmosphere. Or not.

But none of that matters, save for me staking my claim as the first to enjoy Cydonia in the Cariboo. What matters is that it was awesome and I loved having it with me and it was worth carting it 400 km inland.

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