My choice of Brut for NYE


I found this beauty at the Shady Rest Liquor Store in Qualicum Beach. I’ve been cautiously trying Brut IPAs with moderate success – about 50% good and 50% blah. Phillips Brewing is a pretty solid BC craft brewer, so I felt that I could take a gamble on this one. And boy am I glad I did.


Our New Year’s Eve tradition includes the lighting of the bonfire, so I took this gem out into the snowy night for a cool drink by a hot fire.


Some years it has been as low as -19C around the fire, so staying right by the fire has been critical and turning like a rotisserie roast has been necessary. This year it was a balmy -3 (although the winds were a bit strong). It allowed me to stand back a little and fully engage with my beer. Which was the best Brut IPA ever. But let’s take a little bit of context into this here. I was on holiday, celebrating the end of what’s felt like a mostly successful year and the start of another. And I was in my special place in the Cariboo, likely the first person in that whole area to ever have this particular brew. So there’s that. But damn was it fine. Really fine.

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