Enjoying Tapworks Brewing in the Cariboo


For the last sojourn to the Cariboo I did not have much time to grab a selection of craft beer, so when I rushed into a private liquor store I wasn’t expecting great things. That’s when I noticed an odd bottle that didn’t seem the least bit familiar. And furthermore a name that seemed new to me. Tapworks Brewing is from Gibson’s on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. I have not seen it anywhere before, and I’m not expecting to see it on tap all around Vancouver. It felt like a unicorn find – something that I AM CERTAIN will not have been had in the Cariboo every, by anyone. With a 5 hour drive on the horizon, I knew an IPA would travel well, after all that’s literally what launched the IPA.

Anyways, I took this little gem in my small collection and was glad that I did.


It was a bit too cold to bother getting my usual outdoor snow/beer beauty shots, but this one paired with a game of crib indoors and that was just fine by me. As an example of a classic, lovely IPA, Tapworks has brewed up some love from this fan. Smooth with great body, it has just the right hoppy notes and finishes clean. I was regretting only buying one.


Not wholly clear, but definitely not a hazy beer, it fits in the “just right” category in my books. I haven’t been up to the Sunshine Coast in a few years now, but this brewery has left me wanting to know more about it, and that’s as great an endorsement there is. I’ll be keeping an eye out or maybe even shooting them a message to ask what else might land on our shores. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try more from them.

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