Craft beer isn’t all black & white


But in this instance what I’d brought from Vancouver Island to the Cariboo was. 4 Mile Brewing Co of Victoria, B.C. offered up this unusual pair of IPAs that I decided simply had to come to my Cariboo retreat.


The black IPA poured and drank quite stout-like. But with more bountiful hops. It formed a thick head with some big peaks and made for a pretty presentation.


It’s hard to say whether something like this tastes amazing until itself, or whether it’s amazing because there surely has never been this beer poured in this part of the world and it just tastes that much sweeter. What’s lovely about this pour is that the sweetness that sometimes makes me step back from stouts and porters (particularly that milk-stout style) was crushed with the bitterness from hops. Perhaps that’s called balance. Whatever it is, it works for me.

I’m giving this one a solid Cariboo thumbs up. Not sure how widely available it is, but try it if you find it.


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